Ebony Cox

Grew up in Gainesville, Florida and graduated in May of 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in Photojournalism. 

Cox currently works for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as a visual journalist. She photographed Game 6 of the NBA Finals in 2021 and Milwaukee Brewers MLB games. She has experience covering exciting events like Summerfest, a music festival and tragedies like vigils, shootings and homicides. 

Cox got a full-time job months after college at the Green Bay Press-Gazette and USA Today Network-Wisconsin, where she produced a year-long portrait and multimedia project on women who work in predominantly male fields.  She also produced several short and long-term projects on top of day-to-day photo and video assignments. 

Cox interned at the following newspapers: 

Gainesville Sun in her small home town. This was her first time working at a professional newspaper where she photographed community events, adhered to strict deadlines and had her photographs published in newspapers and online.

Lexington Herald-Leader where she took on similar tasks as she did at the Gainesville Sun, and photographed many horse-related activities including the Kentucky Derby. 

Indianapolis Star where she adapted to being in a big city. She photographed the Indianapolis 500, and was forced to shoot photo and video on every assignment which she is so thankful for!  It has made life so much easier as a full-time employee.

When Cox was 8-years-old she was diagnosed with a condition called Strabismus, which prevented both eyes from focusing on an object at the same time resulting in her being cross-eyed. After years of exercises and hard work, Cox triumphed over this disorder. She fell in love with photography and is excited that her biggest frustration as a child, her eyes, are now used to tell her point-of-view to the world.

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