Ebony Cox

Grew up in Gainesville, Florida and is furthering her education at Western Kentucky University. Ebony Cox’s expected graduation date is Spring 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Photojournalism.

Cox interned at the Gainesville Sun in her small hometown. It was her first time working at a professional newspaper, where she photographed community events, adhered to strict deadlines, and had her photographs published online and in newspapers.

Cox also interned at the Lexington Herald-Leader where she took on similar tasks as she did at the Sun. However, she photographed many horse related activities including the Kentucky Derby. 

Cox worked on campus at the College Heights Herald Newspaper for two years. She grew immensely as a photographer and a person while working for this student publication.

When Cox was 8-years-old, she was diagnosed with a condition called Strabismus, which prevented both of her eyes from focusing on an object at the same time, resulting in her being cross eyed. After years of exercises and hard work, Cox triumphed over this disorder. She fell in love with photography and is excited that her biggest frustration as a child, her eyes, are now used to tell her point-of-view to the world.